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How to Manage a Dutch to English Translation Project

Managing a Dutch to English Translation Project can be a cake walk if managed the right way. There are certain things that cannot be avoided while working on such projects.

When managing a Dutch to English Translation Project in future it is important to assign the project to a professional English translation services. This will help you ensure that quality is not compromised. It is best to hire professional English translation services who know English and Dutch well.

Choosing the Right Translator or Agency

Many a time people make the mistake of hiring a professional who knows Dutch well however when it comes to translating the same in English it a mess. The translator may be a master when it comes to speaking and writing Dutch however his English may not be that good. It is important that you seek a professional who is good and know both languages well.

Payment Methods

It is best to verify the payment methods before hiring an agencies or a freelancer. Always check if the payment method opted is also recognized in the translator’s country. For instance, Paypal does not operate in all the countries; hence you may need to opt for another payment method.

Discount for Repetitive words

Some projects may contain significantly high repetitive text. In case your Dutch to English is one such project, ensure to ask for an analysis of repetitive words and if high in number then ask for discount. This is a general practice in the translation service industry, hence it is best to ask so that you can accordingly save on cost.

Asking for translation memories

Translation memories or TM help to save money and time on future updates. These can also be used in following translation projects. When working on Dutch to English translation project, ask the agency or translator to give you the TM, once the project is over.

Matching the SLA (Service Level Agreement)

A project often fails when the SLA is not meet or is below the SLA set by the provider. When managing a Dutch to English Translation Project ensure the agency or the translator meet the SLA set by you. It is important that you ensure that translator(s) are up to the mark and can accordingly abide to the SLA set by you. In such a case it is necessary to do verification before hiring the agency or the translator.  Many agencies use machine translation instead of human. This can result in low and bad quality work.

It is necessary that you ask the vendor the source of translation before giving them the projects. Also discuss the SLA prior to giving the job to them. Always check if they will be translating, editing and proofreading prior to submitting the project as they may only do the translation part leaving the other 2 to you. Mostly agencies do all the above however when using the service of a freelancer you may need to verify this before giving them the job. Ensure that you know what exactly you would receive prior to sealing the deal.

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