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Guide To Picking The Best Student Accommodation

When it’s time to think about picking the best student accommodation, it’s often with some reluctance, isn’t it?

We get it, you feel frustrated at the abundance of choices, concerned about whether your choice will actually be any good, or if you can really afford the best student accommodation.

Worst still, the image of dingy, flea-ridden and ropey student accommodation being run by a landlord from hell is the nightmare everyone seems to fear will come to pass.

However, as this guide to picking the best student accommodation will show you, the reality is far different. It’s simple, fun and enjoyable and even a pleasure – if you follow these few tips.

Look for a reputable student accommodation provider

When choosing student accommodation, you need to be reassured you are dealing with a reputable company. Try to avoid individual landlords, as it’s very difficult to check their reputation.

Far better to use a student accommodation provider who knows the market, and has a good reputation in the industry. By doing this, you will build trust and reassurance as you can be assured of their customer service standards and reputation.

Consider a nationwide chain

When you are picking the best student accommodation, how can you reduce the risk and increase your options?

By choosing a nationwide chain such as Vita student, you can find safe, secure and high-quality student accommodation in the major UK student cities such as :-

  • Bristol
  • Southampton
  • Liverpool
  • Exeter
  • York
  • Glasgow
  • Sheffield
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool

Facilities and location are important

Just like with houses and estate agents, location is everything. Ideally, the best student accommodation is close to your college/university. This save time and money for you, as you can pop in and out of your accommodation in minutes when not attending classes.

Student accommodation these days is extremely high standard and in a competitive market, to be the best your accommodation provider should provide :-

  • Friendly reception staff available 24 hours a day
  • Free Breakfast provided daily
  • Gyms
  • En-suite bathrooms
  • Fully fitted kitchens
  • Weekly cleaning services

Security, and peace of mind for parents

When picking the best student accommodation, you need to remember you’re likely to be living there for a few years, so you must feel comfortable and secure.

It’s advantageous to live in managed student accommodation, as they provide security and staff for your peace of mind. The added bonus is that all your needs are taken care off, and you don’t need to worry about things like utility bills, maintenance and similar concerns with private houses or rentals.

Remember also that your parents need to know you’re settled into a nice, safe and secure student accommodation. How better to reassure them than to choose student accommodation providers like Vitastudent, who have many awards for customer experience and student accommodation behind them?

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