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Guide To Student Accommodation In Southampton

Southampton, which is a port city situated on the South Eastern side of England has been a great settlement since the Saxton and Roman times. Today, the city of Southampton is known for its two great universities namely, Solent University and University of Southampton, which are known for their high standard of education in the UK. The city of Southampton has its own international airport, Southampton International Airport which is located on the outskirts of the city. This airport handles the flights coming from UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and other European countries. Another alternative to reach Southampton is through one of the London airports. Heathrow Airport, which is situated about 60 miles away from the main city of Southampton.

When it comes to getting accommodation as a student in one of schools in Southampton, there are things to consider. If you have a group of friends keen on becoming flat mates then you are ready to begin the hunt for a flat in Southampton, depending on where you are studying. It is really important that you start looking at potential flats as soon as possible, as the good ones get snapped up fast. However, if you are looking to join a flat, then it can be helpful to arrange temporary accommodation at a friend’s or relative’s place, if possible, while you find a suitable flat to join. Here are some more points to carefully consider when looking for student accommodation in Southampton.

The location

If you are new to Southampton as a student, it is important you find out the areas that are not recommended to live. It is likely that you will want to find student accommodation that is central to both your university or polytechnic, and your flat. Location matters, since you need to go to the university on a regular basis.

Your budget counts

You need to ask yourself how much rent per week can you afford in the city of Southampton as a student? Remember rent is a regular weekly expense and that extra money needs to be put aside each month for power, internet and phone. If your flat mates are keen on communal food buying then work out a food budget and divide that by the number of people joining the flat. Do you have your own vehicle? Factor in petrol costs, or alternatively the cost of bus tickets – assuming you don’t drive or own a bike. Most student accommodation flats are unfurnished, so you will need to factor in costs required to furnish a flat. Write a list of what everyone in the flat can contribute from home, and then work out what is left to buy. It is a good idea to each chip in on what you need, such as a fridge or couches, this way it is more affordable.

Heating and Insulation

Student accommodation in most UK cities is notorious for being cold, and part of being a student is often having a limited weekly budget that doesn’t cater to central heating. Consider the heating methods available at each property and how much it might cost you. Also check the rental house for insulation, ventilation and sunlight.

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