Things To Know Before You Study Abroad

If you have been lucky enough to get a study abroad US program, you must be very excited and eager to start your studies. Congratulations! It is now time to start preparing for the trip. Though many people think that the most important thing when preparing for a trip to the US is to fulfill ESTA requirements, there a couple of things you need to know before leaving your country to study abroad. This is because studying abroad comes with a myriad of challenges especially if you have never been in a foreign country.

Visit a doctor
Before leaving your home country to study in the US or any other country, make a point of visiting a doctor in order to get a physical examination for you to be certain that your health is in good condition. Besides getting a physical examination, visiting a doctor ensures that

You get immunized –many nations require foreign students to be immunized against some diseases such as measles and chicken pox before departing from their home countries. Therefore, you should know the US’s immunization requirements so that you can be immunized prior to your departure.

Getting prescription drugs- in case you have a serious medical condition which requires prescription drugs, you should visit your doctor prior to your departure in order to be given enough prescription drugs. The doctor will also give you labeled containers to carry your prescription drugs lest these drugs be mistaken for other illegal drugs.

Get travel insurance
It is imperative to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy before leaving your nation to study in the US. Here are some of the things you must consider when getting a travel insurance policy.

Whether the policy cover you whilst in the US- before getting a travel insurance policy, it is imperative to find out whether the insurance policy will cover you whilst living in the US. In case it doesn’t, you will have to look for an alternative insurance policy that will cover you whilst studying in the US.

Research on US insurance companies- research on companies which provide cheap travel insurance coverage to foreign students studying in the US.

Start refreshing your language skills
Even though you know Basic English words, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to communicate effectively when you are studying in the US. Therefore, you might have difficulties adjusting to your new environment. To avoid having problems due to poor language skills, it is important you start refreshing your language skills prior to you departure to the US. This is how to do it.

• Start taking English proficiency tests
• Start taking online English classes
• But a pocket dictionary which you can be reading on a daily basis

Start applying for a visa or passport in advance
You need to have a valid visa and passport for you to study and travel in the US. Therefore apply for a visa and passport six months prior to leaving for the US. Acquire clearance to travel to the US by registering on ESTA today. Here are tips for applying for a visa or passport in advance.

• Visit the US embassy in your country in order to be given detailed information related to Passport and visa requirements.

• Visit the US Department of Immigration website to get details on how to obtain a visa and passport.

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