Looking For An Office Manager Position In London?

Being an office manager requires a wealth of transferable skills, including being an excellent communicator and demonstrating impressive organisational skills.  If you have the right office manager training in London or have been on the right office manager course in London, you can earn as much as £40-50k per annum.

As a successful office manager you can have a challenging yet stable career.  In order to succeed within this role however, it is important that you undertake the correct office manager training in advance, or you may risk failing at this role.

When considering where to undertake your training, you need to think carefully about how and where you train.  You must ensure that the course is offered by a fully established institution, and that the qualification you achieve will be recognised by an external body like the CPD. Studying a course that’s been accredited by a relevant body will give you a head start when it comes to getting a job in office management in London.

The day to day activities of an office manager vary depending on the type of industry the role is based in, but there are some fundamental qualities that any potential candidate will need to display in order to become a successful office manager.


As an office manager you will be in charge of a team of people. Depending on the size of the business this could equate to a fairly large number of staff.  You will need to be able to organise many aspects of their day to day business, including diary management, work schedules and job descriptions. These are all important skills that will be looked at in detail on any office manager course in London.

You will also be responsible for ensuring that everything they need to do their jobs well is taken care of.  This would include ordering stationary, arranging files and ensuring equipment or paperwork is within easy reach of the appropriate members of staff at all times.


Whilst you are not the MD of the company, you will be expected to make decisions that benefit your company and its workers. A successful office manager is able to handle a sizeable amount of responsibility, and be able to answers questions and find solutions to problems, quickly and fairly. You might also have to make decisions regarding customer or client matters.  You may even have the responsibility of interviewing, hiring and firing office staff members. Therefore, you will need to be able to make decisions that benefit the company as a whole.  Effective office manager training in London will help you to develop this skill.


Office managers are very busy and must be able to handle multiple tasks all at once. You may be required to oversee several projects at one time, on top of your usual workload.  Having so much to do, means you could lose focus.   This is why you must be able to complete every task with a fine eye for detail and ensure that instructions are completed correctly.

Leadership Skills

As an authority figure within the office, you will need to lead by example. The productive behaviour displayed by you will be an inspiration to other members of the work force.  You will need to be able to utilise all of the skills you learnt on your office manager training course in London to supervise other staff, demonstrate team work and make improvements to the work environment where you can.


Listen well and provide clear input, answers and advice. Communication is the key to good working relationships, so you must be able to really hear what workers want, as well as being able to clearing advise them of matters relating to their work environment. Office manager courses in London also focus on the need for excellent writing skills to ensure that your written instructions and responses are clear and easy to follow.

People Skills

As an office manager you will need to be able to liaise with people of all levels, both within your organisation and others.  You will need to be approachable, easy to work with and people must feel that they can trust you.  You will, however, also need to be able to demonstrate an inner strength that means you can be nice, but not be a soft touch. You must also be able to be friendly, whilst remaining professional at all times.  

There are a wide range of office manager training courses and office manager training providers in London, ensuring that interested candidates have a long and successful career within this industry.

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