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Practicing With 17th Edition Questions To Pass Exam

Studying for the 17th Edition exam is a tedious process. The book is not an easy read because the way it is structured makes it hard for the student to understand at first. Practicing with 17th Edition questions is said to be a much easier method to prepare for the exam instead of reading the book from cover to cover. Continue reading

What to Take With You to University

n-COLLEGE-PACKING-large570You’ve been accepted into university and you’re excited, nervous and overwhelmed all at the same time. Once the summer starts to draw to an end it truly starts to sink in that you’ll be starting a brand new life elsewhere in just a few weeks. And with that realisation comes the mandatory trip to IKEA, the packing and unpacking of your bedroom (several times) and Mums continual attempts at forcing you to take things you’ll never use.

Continue reading

10 Tips To Prepare For An On-Campus Job Interview

A person’s first job plays a highly crucial role in paving the road for a healthy and rewarding career in the future, which is why as a student you must understand its importance and remain well-prepared for it. Campus placements provide the ideal opportunities for students to showcase their intelligence and aptitude. Continue reading

How Iq Test Helps In Finding Better Jobs

Organizations nowadays are turning extra cautious when it comes to hiring employees and indulge in different activities to ensure right selection. As recruitment trend experiences drastic reformation, getting entry in to any specific job profile becomes a challenging task for the aspirants. It has been researched and revealed that most of the companies across the globe are conducting entrance test to select competent employees for senior profiles. The basic reason for these tests is to gauge the intelligence quotient of the employees. Certain criteria’s are specified and performance of each candidate is measured against the set standards. Those who score higher are selected over those who underperform. Continue reading

Importance Of Toys In The Development Of A Child

The toys play an important role in the mental and physical development of every child. Each type of toy makes the child to use the different parts of the body and mind and affects the development. Toys help the children to be engaged and while playing with the different toys they learn different things in life in the easiest way. Toys play entertainment and educational role. There are different types of toys available for different purposes. They improve the absorbing and learning efficiency of the children. Continue reading