Nerd Parent Revolution!

Calling all nerd parents of the world! The ongoing debate about apps for children has come to a seeming halt. Surely you’ve heard parents insisting video games rot the brain. Well it’s finally and definitely been agreed that actually apps help children learn more. That’s right, children’s apps help kids[…]

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Toys That Are Both Fun And Educational

It Is Easy To Find Toys That Are Both Fun And Educational

Children love to play with toys, but many parents want their children to have toys that teach them something important. Educational toys combine fun and learning, but the best part is, most children do not even realise they are learning as they play. Furthermore, there are now numerous companies that[…]

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Tutors In London

How Private Tuition Far Exceeds Standard Classroom Teaching

While the services offered by tutors in London are not necessarily undervalued, they’re certainly underexplored. It’s common knowledge that private tutors play an important role in the development of so many children of all ages up and down the country, that exactly how big of a difference the right tutor[…]

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