A Guide To Hiring An 11 Plus Tutor In Essex

Childhood education is crucial to the development of every child. Although parents tend to provide homeschooling to their kids, they will get to a certain age, in which you need to request for the services of a tutor. 11 plus children are very curious and willing to learn new things, which makes it even more important that you provide them with the best education out there. Hiring an 11 plus tutor in Essex is simply a way of augmenting the efforts of your child’s teachers. A tutor will take it a step further by paying a very close attention to the needs of your child. When hiring an 11 plus tutor in Essex, take the time to put these important points into consideration, if you want to be successful at choosing one.

When looking for an 11 plus tutor provider in Essex, you can start by asking other parents. Ask them where they found tutors for their kids. If they don’t have kids or have never used a tutor before then you can always go online to check. Just do a quick search by also specifying your location in the search i.e. where you are looking to find a suitable 11 plus tutor to help tutor your children. If you find an 11 plus tutor provider then there are things to consider before hiring them.

The flexibility of online booking

The ideal 11 plus tutor provider should have a properly designed website, which makes booking for a tutor as easy as ABC. You should also be able to request for a free callback.

The number of courses covered

Choosing an 11 plus tutor provider that can provide you with tutors for many different courses is important. This simply means you don’t have to look for a different provider for all the courses your child needs.

The success rate of the provider

The reason why you need an 11 plus tutor in the first place is so your children can get better. This makes it important that you consider the success rate of any provider you choose in Essex. This information should be available on their website. If you can’t find it there, you can simply contact the provider and ask questions before hiring them. The success rate of the provider is important because it will tell you if they are capable of tutoring your child.

Availability of mock exams

The right provider should a good mock exams package that is aimed at preparing students for different kinds of exams. Apart from the difficulty level of such exams, it is relevant because it exposes children to controlled exams environments, which they might not be used to. So it is imperative that you take the time to check the provider’s website to see if they have arrangements for mock exams sessions as part of the services offered.

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