How To Choose A Nursery In South Croydon That Offers Free Places

If you are looking for some assistance on how to choose a nursery in South Croydon that offers free places, then look no further and please carry on reading as we have designed this blog post to be a little information pack about how best to go about selecting the right nursery.

Now, there are many nurseries in Croydon, and also many of them that offer free nursery places (15 hours free nursery) but to our mind there are 2 main options that you should take a look at to establish on which one is the right one for you, and they are as follows:

  • Council Websites – The local council website will have a link to follow regarding education, and after navigating through a few pages you will be able to locate a page full of various information about the nurseries in the area, with a link to their respective OFSTED gradings (which is also something to pay attention too. Grades 1 and 2 are where you should be looking, Grade 3 is iffy, and Grade 4 shouldn’t even be considered), and information about what their offers are in respect of free places for children.  There should be links to the webpage of the nurseries in the area too so that you can do a little bit of your own digging around and find out a little bit more about them.
  • Visit – What better way to find out about whether a nursery offers free places for children that to physically go and visit them. By visiting the nursery, not only will you be able to find out about the free places, but you will also be interacting with members of staff who would be looking after your child / children and you will hopefully be able to have a quick look around to see what the surroundings would be like for them too.  All of this can help paint the overall picture in your head about whether it is going to be right for you and your offspring.

Now, even if you don’t end up selecting this nursery, take a visit to to visit the website for Abbey Wood Grange Nursery, based in South Croydon, who do offer free places in their nursery.  On their webpage you will find a wealth of information including how many hours you would be entitled to (and access to a free online calculator that will help you determine this), and also more information about them as a whole including testimonials from other parents and details of what’s going on in the institution both now and upcoming in the future.

For now, we hope this has helped, and we wish you the best of luck in finding the correct nursery for your child.  Go and grab a free nursery school place for them today!

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