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Three Things to Know About PTSD


The nature of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder, means that it’s a condition which can essentially afflict anyone. We can say this because no one is immune from traumatic events, which are often traumatic because they come out of nowhere.

There are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a traumatic event. It is essentially an event that is so many negative psychological implications that it creates various symptoms which can disrupt your life. So the beginning of PTSD might be involvement in a theatre of war, bereavement or witnessing an accident. PTSD is defined not by the original cause rather by the symptoms.

Because PTSD can have several different causes it can also have many different symptoms. These symptoms can include things like flashbacks, anxiety, isolation etc. However, in order to be diagnosed as having PTSD it doesn’t mean that you have to have all of the common symptoms; you might only have one or two.

There are many different treatments for PTSD. You might consider talking therapy or cognitive behavioural therapy. Your doctor might prescribe antidepressants to get to the route of your problem. Another treatment is EMDR therapy, which takes a novel approach by using eye movements essentially to reprogram the brain.

If you’re interested by the idea of treating sufferers of PTSD you might consider EMDR training courses or PTSD training.

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